KMJ Professional Resources just makes everything easy!

John & KMJ Pro has always been there when I needed help! The person I used in the past always complained about things. He didn't like the location of my desk. He didn't like that he had to get under it to connect things.  He berated me and made me feel stupid for not knowing PC stuff.  John is very patient with this non-PC person.  He will take the time to explain things to me, in plain language, so maybe I won't make the same mistake again. All in all, he just makes it easy. If you want a straight up, honest PC tech company, call KMJ Pro!

Ann Hast Owner
Framers Corner

Always feeling like their #1 client gives us total Peace of Mind!

"The biggest benefit to switching to KMJ Pro is the peace of mind it brought. Knowing all of our IT needs are in the hands of an experienced professional, no matter what the problem may be. We don't feel like a number. Any issue we have is a top priority for resolution. KMJ Pro also offers more innovative solutions for our needs compared to previous IT companies I have used. I highly recommend KMJ Professional Resources to anyone looking to be delighted by an IT service company!"

Heidi Clare Administrative Manager

KMJ Pro gives you that personal touch!

So many companies have lost the "personal touch" and provide a "Canned Service". If you like this, than KMJ Pro is not for you. Their customer service and knowledge is second to none as is their quick response!  Without hesitation, I highly recommend them for all your IT needs.

Eddie Lopez 1st Vice Commander
American Legion Post 597


Extremely knowledgeable about all things technical as they relate to computers, websites, software, etc. John is extremely ethical, and his character is outstanding.

Robin Smith Insurance Agent